Cornilleau leisure ambassadors Simon GAUZY and Hugo CALDERANO

Alongisde 2 incredible players - 8 years with Simon Gauzy and 6 years with Hugo Calderano - Cornilleau has been writing an exciting chapter in the company's history. Today they count amongst the best players in the world. Now to compete with the very best of the Chinese, progress and truly reach the top of the table tennis world, they need even more.  For this reason, Cornilleau decided to associate themselves with a 2nd partner for each player to provide them both with the resources for success.  

From 1 January 2019, Cornilleau remains a sponsor of Simon and Hugo and a second partner will specifically guide them through the "competition consumables" range! Cornilleau will be their partner on the following product categories: competition tables, leisure tables and recreational bats. Simon and Hugo have thus become our "Leisure Ambassadors", while Can Akkuzu, Bruna Takahashi and many others will continue to showcase the Cornilleau brand in the competition arena!