Since the end of the 1980s, Cornilleau has been developing and promoting products that are almost exclusively "ultradurable" and "made in France".  As a pioneering company, the range includes a totally eco-friendly product. A new milestone was reached in 2017 with the launch of the first ever eco-designed outdoor bat in the world, made from recycled textile fibres in collaboration with Breton company Armor-Lux. The SOFTBAT racket is the result of significant R&D work carried out by 3 French manufacturers (Armor Lux, Plastigray and Cornilleau) united in an innovative project "Eco-Charges" over the course of three years. The entire production line for this bat is French: mold maker, compounder (material manufacturer), processor, packaging manufacturer and supplier of recycled textile fibres. Whilst anticipating for the first ever 100% eco-designed table, we constantly act consciously and responsibly upon all our processes (energy consumption reduction, drastic decrease of toxic products use, promotion of circular economy, etc.)

The SOFTBAT is made thanks to the recycling and reclaiming of cotton / polyester textiles from the old ARMOR LUX collections and worn-out clothes retrieved from some regular customers. The SOFTBAT is the first eco-designed outdoor bat on the market!