The right choice for collectivities

The 510 table is a static Outdoor table tennis table. Behind this fluid design, full of curves, hides a ping pong table that is particularly resistant to ill treatment. Its 100% steel (aluzinc) structure and its high-density, solid laminate tabletop, can really take the knocks, whether they're from rackets or bad weather. This model has been a tremendous success for nearly 10 years now and is popular in campsites, holiday centres, schools and hotels...

Playing Quality

The thicker the panel (from 4 to 9mm) better the bounce. Outdoor panels are made of resin laminate, they are weather resistant (rain, snow, frost...) and shock resistant making them ultra-durable.

Play comfortably with the SOFTMAT coating which reduces 10 times sun glares.

Tabletop Durability

The frame is made of an ultra durable noncorrosive aluminium/zinc alloy. 

The panel is made of HPL (High Pressure Laminate). Conceived to sustain bad weather (rain, snow, frost) your table can stay outside all year long. Furthermore this material is extremely resistant to blows, impacts, color fading.. 


Soft protection pads are added on each  corner of the table to guarantee  maximum safety for your children.

Stability / Robustness

The frame is made of a zinc and aluminium alloy. This 60mm thick structure ensures the perfect flatness of the panel

this permanent net with a non-corrosive treatment is inviolable.

Equipment / Ergonomics / Manoeuvrability

Racket holders have been added to the sides of the table to store 4 rackets.

Always get a ball on hand with these ball dispensers placed next to the players.